Async communication is what *really* unlocks productivity

Why asynchronous work is more productive

Reason 1: Effective communication

Reason 2: Accessible communication

  1. Onboarding new team members into a project: All important information is easily accessible to read.
  2. Team knowledge sharing: Any team is able to find work by other teams - aquick search query will return past thinking by the whole organisation.
  3. Referencing back to what was decided: I find it amazing how often the same question/problem can come up when things are not documented. I have found that when answers/discussions are documented — many repeated questions can be solved with a simple link to the documentation.

Reason 3: Reduce interruptions — allow for focus

Reason 4: Better personal lives

Example timezones for our team (via tool WorldTimeBuddy)

Tips to make asynchronous communication work well

Assume good intent

One of our four team values at Whisk

Use video and audio

Hire proactive people

Experiment with communication tools

We still need synchronous communication!




CEO of, acquired by Samsung.

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Nick Holzherr

Nick Holzherr

CEO of, acquired by Samsung.

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